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High Desert Canvassing Blitz: Igniting Change One Doorstep at a Time!

Let's go Adelanto, Apple Valley, Helendale, Hesperia, Oak Hills, Oro Grande, Phelan, Victorville!

Hey everyone! Are you ready to make a real impact? Grab your walking shoes because we're hitting the neighborhoods in the high desert to spread the word about our causes and candidates! It's time to ignite change right at the grassroots level. Canvassing isn't just about knocking on doors; it's about connecting with our community, sharing our passion, and rallying support for the issues and candidates that matter most. Together, we can make waves, drive engagement, and shape the future of our region. Let's hit the streets and show the high desert what true dedication looks like!

  • CADEM Days of Action and Canvassing 2024 Update

    • January 27th and February 3rd. 

    • We visited 553 homes so far and have had 78 conversations. 

    • More canvasses are scheduled in February and March.

  • Ballot Party

    • 28 attendees, including 4 candidates

    • Discuss possible October Ballot Party

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