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Hey Future Changemaker,


Ready to dive into a world of democracy, fun, and a community that gets your vibe? We're thrilled to invite you to our Democratic Club – where your voice matters, and your ideas can change the game.


Why join us?

1. Power to the People: We believe in the power of YOUR voice. This is your chance to shape the conversation, influence decisions, and make an impact on the issues that matter most to you.


2. No Boring Politics Here: Say goodbye to snooze-worthy political debates. We're all about lively discussions, fresh perspectives, and finding innovative solutions to modern challenges. It's politics, but with a twist!


3. Tech-Savvy Democracy: Embrace the digital age with us. We're not stuck in the past; we're using social media, apps, and tech tools to connect, engage, and make our mark in the world.


4. Events that Pop: Forget about stuffy meetings. From virtual town halls to in-person meetups, we've got it all.


How we build our community:


1. Inclusive Vibes: Everyone's welcome, no matter your background, beliefs, or favorite meme. Diversity is our strength, and we celebrate it.


2. Collaboration Nation: We're all about teamwork. Together, we can achieve more. Share your ideas, join forces with like-minded individuals, and let's make waves together.


3. Learning is Cool: We're not just here to talk – we're here to learn. From guest speakers dropping knowledge bombs to workshops that boost your skills, we're all about personal and collective growth.


Ready to join the coolest democratic crew in the High Desert? Click that "Join Now" button, and let the democratic adventure begin!


See you on the democratic dance floor,


Yolette Rios

Membership Chair

High Desert Progressive Democrats

Apply for your High Desert Progressive Democrats membership by following steps below:

1. Select the button below to fill out your application in Google Form

2. Select the button below to pay your membership

If you wish to pay your member dues by mail, please send a check to:

P.O. Box 1985 

Victorville CA 92393 


Join us and make a difference in the High Desert!

 Join the Movement

Click "Join Now" and be part of a dynamic community shaping the future. Your voice matters—let's make change together!


Speak Up, Stand Out

2.  Dive into the conversation! Share your ideas, opinions, and passion. Click "Engage" to be an active participant in our democratic dialogue.


High Desert Progressive Democrats Membership Application

To become a member, please complete the form and then pay your dues by following the link in the application or mail a check to High Desert Progressive Democrats to PO Box 1985, Victorville, CA 92393. Membership is effective 60 days after receipt of dues or at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Hardship waivers are available to those who need them. If you would like to submit a request for a hardship waiver, please put that request in writing by emailing us at If you are unsure what districts you live in, you can use this address look-up tool.

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