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"Biden-Harris Unveils Powerful Ad 'Cause' - Confronting MAGA Extremism and Defending Democracy"

The Biden-Harris campaign is set to launch a new ad on January 6, 2024, titled "Cause," emphasizing the perceived threat to American democracy from MAGA extremism within the Republican Party. Narrated by President Biden, the 60-second TV spot highlights the efforts of Donald Trump and MAGA extremists to undermine democracy and promote political violence. It also underscores President Biden's commitment to safeguarding democratic institutions and ensuring free and fair elections. The half a million-dollar ad campaign will run for a week on national and local news channels in key markets, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Additionally, tailored 15- and 6-second ads will be featured on digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Connected TV. The campaign aims to address the perceived threat posed by MAGA Republicans and reinforce the importance of the upcoming election in preserving American democracy.


New Biden Democracy Ad - Let's Watch and Amplify Through Our Networks The Campaign Has Begun Everyone. Let's Do Our Part And Help Biden Spread His Message
JAN 4, 2024
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