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Women’s Rights in America in 2024 and Project 2025 – Republican’s Vision of the Future

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Women’s Rights in America in 2024 and Project 2025 – Republican’s Vision of the Future

Just like Joe Biden, I’m older – a senior citizen. I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s in a military family. My dad was a Naval officer; my mom a dental assistant who largely gave up her career to raise us five kids as we moved all around the country for my dad’s Navy career. Like many military folks, my parents were Republicans. One of my first political memories is of us kids and my mom sitting on our couch watching coverage of the assassination of JFK and crying unconsolably. As a girl growing up in America, I was aware that I would have access to birth control (the “pill” was approved by the FDA in 1960). In 1973, I witnessed the Supreme Court affirm Roe v Wade, giving women the right to an abortion and reproductive choice. In 1974, I watched as the Watergate Scandal played out in front of me. And when it came time for me to register to vote, I registered as a Democrat and have remained a lifelong Dem ever since.

Come with me now into the 21 st century. It’s early 2016, and while being interviewed on

television Trump stated that he wanted to ban abortions, get rid of Roe v Wade, and punish

women who have abortions. Once “elected,” he oversaw the appointment of three anti-abortion Supreme Court justices who, along with other right-wing members of the most corrupt Supreme Court to date gleefully overturned Roe v Wade, remanding the issue back to the states. Many Republican-led states wasted no time to enact laws severely restricting and/or banning abortions – some without regard to the life of the mother. For the first time in our American history, we all are witness to women losing rights. We’ve seen the interviews and watched testimony from women who were denied necessary reproductive healthcare. Because of these laws and the lack of medical care, some of these women have even lost their ability to have children. Ultimately, we all will likely bear witness to the deaths of many women due of these restrictive abortion laws and the lack of prompt, responsible medical care.

Now, in 2024, we find ourselves living out a version of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian fiction, The Handmaid’s Tale. In furtherance of Trump’s fascist vision for America, the Christo-fascist Heritage Foundation has published “Project 2025.” In over 900 pages of text, Project 2025’s authors have laid out their plan for our country that includes the following for women in America:

  •  Nationwide abortion ban, including safe medical abortions by banning abortion pills

  •  Restricting or banning access to birth control

  •  Restricting or banning in-vitro fertilization (IVF)

  •  Restricting access to sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing

  •  Track in a national database all women’s menstrual cycles

  •  Repealing the 19th Amendment to our Constitution that granted women the right to VOTE.

Is this your vision for women in America in 2024? As a woman, a wife and mother, a

grandmother, a veteran, and a sentient human being, I choose to fight this terrorist vision for our future with my VOTE and my voice! With all the tools at hand, I urge all of us to fight against the fascist takeover of our beloved American Democracy. Join HDPD as we:

  • Educate ourselves on Project 2025 (see,

  • Volunteer to canvass fellow Democrats and left-leaning neighbors,

  • Phone and text bank

  • Write postcards

  • Use social media posts to get our pro-Democracy message out and warn others about Project 2025 and the Republican’s terroristic plan for our future

  • Volunteer to work for Democratic candidates

  • Donate as generously as you can to HDPD and Democratic campaigns, both local and important critical races across the country

  • Recruit like-minded friends and family to join HDPD and our fight to help SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY!

And VOTE. VOTE for Democrats that will restore and preserve women’s rights and all our Constitutional rights. VOTE AS IF YOUR RIGHTS DEPEND ON IT, BECAUSE THEY DO.

Patrice Copeland

July 7, 2024

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