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The Billionaire Blitz: How Dark Money is Eroding Democracy

I'm an American Citizen of average intelligence. I gave an oath to protect my country from all enemies, foreign and domestic, when I joined the US Air Force. In my soul, that oath means more today than at any other time in my life. After reading Jane Meyer's book Dark Money in 2015, I realized that a political faction had been growing since the 1971 Powell Memo, written by Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell, that the conservative agenda was to take control of our country from within. In 2015, I heard filmmaker Michael Moore predict that Trump was going to win the election. The DARK MONEY ARMY, funded by the Koch Brothers, Walton family, Devoss family, Coors family, and others, have been systematically building a massive war chest, creating authoritarian organizations that use fear, disinformation, buying politicians and SCOTUS justices, Main Stream Medias, and universities -- all being used to attack our Rule of Law, our Constitutional norms, and our FREEDOMS. 

What the SCOTUS just did is akin to the CONFEDERACY attacking Fort Sumter, forcing Lincoln to declare war to preserve the Union. If we don't wake up and start exposing the DARK MONEY ARMY as treasonous as the Confederate States of America, then our democracy may be forever lost. We must respond with decisive ACTION that is equal to theirs. President Biden needs to see the decades long build up of this DARK MONEY ARMY as a Domestic Terrorist organization and respond, as Lincoln did, to do what is necessary to ensure the security of our Country, protecting the Rule of Law, our Constitution that established and guarantees the freedoms and equality of all people, potentially the freedoms globally. We must stand together as free Americans to march in solidarity regardless of party, to establish a line in the sand that we will not let Authoritarian TRAITORS pass.

Mark T. Copeland

July 5, 2024

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