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“We Love Democracy Ballot-Marking Party”

“We Love Democracy Ballot-Marking Party”

One of the easiest ways to help Democracy and Democrats is to VOTE EARLY!  This is especially easy to do, now that every voter gets a ballot in the mail about a month before the official election date.  Voting early actually helps the campaigns turnout more Democrats.  How? Modern political campaigns are very sophisticated and keep track of the early voting turnout.  If the frequent voters vote early, this allows campaigns to start contacting the less-frequent voters, which they might not get to if they have to spend time reminding the frequent voters to vote.  So vote early, and let campaigns concentrate on those less-frequent voters who might not vote without the reminder.  We want them to vote, too.

Voter’s Guides and Ballots will be arriving the first week of February, and HDPD wants to encourage early voting.  So for our usual February “We Love _____” action, we are sponsoring a “Mark Your Ballot Party” for the upcoming Primary, on Thursday, February 15, 2024, from 6 to 8 pm, at Round Table Pizza, 14898 Dale Evans Parkway, #200  (in Apple Valley Commons). Come, have some pizza, mark your ballot, and we can walk (or drive) across the street to drop our signed, dated, and sealed ballot envelopes in the Ballot Dropbox across the street at the Apple Valley Town Hall.  If you can’t make it to the party on the 15th, then mark your ballot earlier (by the weekend of 2/11-12) and get it to a dropbox (or the Post Office) right away.  City Halls and Community Centers usually have dropboxes.  For information on our Endorsements, see the HDPD website, or use the Blue Voter Guide and fill in your address.

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